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  • Fishing Maryland's Deep-rooted Creek Lake

    “They are all crawfish oriented and the crawfish be proper active as night time approaches. So the bass in turn come up into the shallows, especially smallmouth to feed on crawfish,” Nelson said. Special water craft, water skiing, speed boats,and

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    Heartlander In foreign lands: Kinkaid Lake

    PROVIDED PHOTO Pictured is Audra Pixley from Headland Girardeau, Mo., with a 13 pound, seven ounce, largemouth bass she caught out of Rotary Lake in the park while catfishing with chicken livers. For those of us that drudgery a regular five-day a There

Why Jet Ski Fishing is Greater than Bass Boat Fishing - Pac Rac - PWC Fishing

Kayak Fishing & Jet Ski Fishing Have Something in Proverbial: Posting Summary I went out at lake Perris on Labor Day with my Waverunner at about 8AM, once again ...

Fishing Maryland's Sage Creek Lake - West Virginia MetroNews

Nestled in the western mountains of Maryland, not far from the West Virginia adjoin, is a unique lake which can be a gem for a summer retreat. Deep Creek Lake is a highland reservoir that features attributes normally confined to the discerning south. “It has characteristics of each,” said Brent Nelson, a longtime guide on the lake. “You go really far south into Turkey Neck and Unripe Glade you feel.