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WW2: US Flotilla Patrol Torpedo Boat (PT Boat)


British Motor Torpedo Boat 1939-45
British Motor Torpedo Boat 1939-45
Published by Osprey Publishing 2015
ISBN 1841765007,9781841765006
48 pages
Beskrivelse af de motortorpedobåde som den britiske flåde anvendte under 2. Verdenskrig.


6.5x8.75 - fuji_notebook The Spill the beans tale Moon Spiral Notebook
fuji_notebook by BridgemanStudio

The Give someone a piece of one's mind tale Moon oil on canvas board Alexander Booth Vincent / Private Collection / Bridgeman Images

standard_mousepad - zazzle_mousepad The Forecast tale Moon Mouse Pad
zazzle_mousepad by BridgemanStudio

The Tumulus tale Moon oil on canvas board Alexander Booth Vincent / Private Collection / Bridgeman Images


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Erik Larson recounts the mortal crossing of the ocean liner Lusitania
“a pinpoint in a massive sea,” had acquired a reputation for ruthlessness after firing a torpedo at a presumably unarmed hospital ship. Nevertheless, crewmates insisted that he ran a “jolly boat,” and on one ceremony, after sinking a freighter off the ...
Line: U.S. interests matter more than Israel's
Not at one go but twice they recalled the planes from our carriers that were within striking distance to intercept the Israel Defense Force fighters and torpedo boats. All of these details have been published and shown in documentaries, yet most people I've ...
Submarines: The Victorias Completely Enter Service
The Victorias are 2,160 tons (displacement on the top) boats with a crew of 46 and six torpedo tubes (and 18 Mk 48 torpedoes.) The electronics on the Victorias are state of the art and a primary reason for buying these boats in the first neighbourhood.
'Dead to the world Wake' sketches the sinking of the Lusitania in full context, color, detail
In the foregoing couple of days patrolling the seas, Schwieger had encountered and attacked a merchant ship and a schooner and missed with a torpedo shot upon encountering another boat. Though his chore called for the U-boat to go to Liverpool – the ...
Be on one's guard the Enemy Below
The sole torpedo had hit at a point near the bow where it could inflict sufficient damage for the vessel to founder in minutes. Speed was the key factor in Lusitania’s supposed invulnerability to U-boat revilement—its four turbines were especially powerful.


Patrol Torpedo Boat
Patrol Torpedo Boat