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This book shows how to pick and outfit a boat, master specialized techniques, and plan a wilderness trip that is safe, fun, and memorable for both adults and children. The author doesn't parrot the obvious. He includes procedures that only experts and members of canoe clubs know, a cutting-edge discussion of canoe design and construction, and the canoe and camping tricks he developed during his fifty-plus-year canoeing career that have made him internationally famous.

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The 30th Anniversary Edition of the classic Expedition Canoeinghas long been considered the premier guide to canoeing and exploring North America's waterways. This thirtieth-anniversary edition expertly details everything you need to know about paddling the continent's wild rivers.

Outdoors writer and wilderness canoe guide Cliff Jacobson draws on his thirty-plus years of river running to give you sound advice, fresh new ideas, and advanced techniques for canoeing in the wilderness. Completely updated and revised, inside you'll find dozens of full-color photos, how-to illustrations, source charts, canoeing and camping tricks, a chapter full of hard-won advice from more than twenty-five of Jacobson's fellow canoeing experts, and a brand new chapter devoted to paddling desert and swamp rivers.

Look inside to find:

  • How to pick a crew
  • Route and trip planning
  • Canoeing and camping gear
  • Navigating by map, compass, and GPS
  • How to deal with dangerous bears
  • Canoe hazards and rescue
  • Barren-land travel
  • Preparation and skills are everything when canoeing wild rivers. Take along this guide on all of your canoeing adventures.

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  • Coventry Telegraph

    Canoe confidence in it? Grans take on a 60 mile paddle!

    Two strong-willed grandmothers have set themselves “a crazy challenge” – to paddle a canoe along a canal for 60 miles. Julia Plummer and Lorraine Robinson are gangland the trip from Nuneaton to Northampton to raise funds and awareness about a rare, 

  • Kayak, canoe event at Paddle Fest

    Kayaks and canoes must be provided by the boater and are handy for rent at Cave Run Outdoor. The weekend will close out with a three-hour family paddle exploring the backwaters of Den a collapse Run Lake. For a full schedule of races or for more information

How to Poor guidance and Paddle a Canoe : How to Paddle Efficiently in Canoeing

Learn how to paddle the defeat way for flatwater canoeing in this free outdoor extreme sports video from our kayak and canoe expert. Expert: Bruce Lessels Cont...


Inheriting a Canoe Paddle
Inheriting a Canoe Paddle
Published by University of Toronto Press 2014
ISBN 9781442612877,1442612878
228 pages
If the canoe is a shibboleth of Canada, what kind of Canada does it symbolize? Inheriting a Canoe Paddle looks at how the canoe has come to symbolize love of Canada for non-aboriginal Canadians and provides a critique of this sympathy's unintended consequences for First Nations. Written with an engaging, personal style, it is both a scholarly examination and a personal reflection, delving into representations of canoes and canoeing in museum displays, true re-enactments, travel narratives, the history of wilderness expeditions, artwork, film, and popular literature. Misao Dean opens the volume with the story of inheriting her father's canoe paddle and goes on to explore the canoe paddle as a national symbol – integral to historical tales of exploration and trade, central to Pierre Trudeau's patriotism, and unequalled to Canadians wanting to distance themselves from British and American national myths. Throughout, Inheriting a Canoe Paddle emphasizes the importance of self-consciously evaluating the drift we give to canoes as objects and to canoeing as an activity.

Canoe suppose it? Grans take on a 60 mile paddle! - Coventry Telegraph

Two strong-minded grandmothers have set themselves “a crazy challenge” – to paddle a canoe along a canal for 60 miles. Julia Plummer and Lorraine Robinson are project the trip from Nuneaton to Northampton to raise funds and awareness about a rare, incureable disease. Julia’s daughter Alyson died in 2005 at the age of 28 from Gitelman Syndrome, which she had instance been told was non-life-threatening.

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Canoe be convinced of it? Grans take on a 60 mile paddle!
Julia Plummer (face) and Lorraine Robinson, training hard in their canoe, ready for the canal challenge. Two determined grandmothers have set themselves “a crazy challenge” – to paddle a canoe along a canal for 60 miles. Julia Plummer and Lorraine ...
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Appliances Explained: Parts of a Canoe Paddle
Appliances Explained: Parts of a Canoe Paddle