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  • San Diego Global Boat Show drops anchor June 19-22

    SAN DIEGO – Covert boat buyers will have plenty of options during the 2014 Progressive Insurance San Diego International Boat Show, June 19-22. The four-day show will sail into Harbor Island with more than 100 vessels, from entry-level family 

  • Fish and Sailing-yacht for Family Fun

    started planning your m getaway, visit, which provides tools such as fishing reports, boat ramps and hotspots, how-to information and a community for those who are interested in all things from fly fishing to boat

Indpendence Sportfishing - San Diego Crave Range Fishing - Boat Tour

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San Diego's Fishing Dynamism
San Diego's Fishing Dynamism
Published by Arcadia Publishing 2009
ISBN 073855992X,9780738559926
127 pages
San Diego has always attracted a luxurious diversity of immigrant groups. Between the 1880s and 1970s, many of these groups helped to create a strong and dynamic fishing industry that became a key component of the megalopolis's identity. Waves of varied immigrants continually refreshed the industry, adapting their traditional skills and technologies to San Diegan conditions. Innovations in ship design, nets, and baiting techniques reshaped the fleets that harvested tuna and sardines from the teeming waters. On shore, canning factories sprang up, seafood markets bustled with vocation, and fish restaurants filled with hungry diners. The vivid stories and fascinating photographs in this volume recapture the energy and variety that were the hallmarks of San Diego's fishing energy--an industry that has left a deep multicultural imprint on today's city.

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Phil Friedman: Barracuda are positively biting
“There have been bluefin as big as 90 pounds caught here,” said Feeling of excitement Brizendine from the Prowler out of Fisherman’s Landing in San Diego. Boats were catching fair to good numbers of fish up (until late Wednesday as the fish pushed closer to San Diego).
Fishing communication: Homer's lagoon is poor man's charter boat
On a obscure, rainy Saturday morning, the 62-year-old from San Diego cast a bright pink Vibrax into the ... in the Whittier area for those anglers who don't have access to a runabout. King fishing is still productive at the Deshka River and Eklutna Tailrace.
San Diego Sailing-yacht Show attendance soars, boosts summer sales
The 2014 Revisionist Insurance San Diego International Boat Show closed Sunday ... including an expanded showcase of superyachts and a new seminar series on recreation fishing and blue water cruising ‘south of the border’. Returning favorites included ...
San Diego New Guy
While raising the kids we did the "trusting" fishing; boat load of family drifting the bay for whatever ... I know everyone thinks that living and fishing in San Diego means that we go out and cull 10 pounders all day desire. That is hardly the case!
4 injured in San Pedro motor yacht accident
(AP) — Four men are discomfort after their small private fishing vessel ran aground off Catalina ... Weather prevented a helicopter rescue, so the lifeguards took them by sailing-yacht to a Los Angeles fire station in San Pedro, where they were taken by ambulance ...


Fishing Boats in San Diego
Fishing Boats in San Diego