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  • Mopar Apt for Spring Refresh and Summer Fun

    With the foretell of summer just ahead, Mopar also has plenty of cool parts, accessories and technologies to help customers get up for fun in the sun. Here are just a few: Snow, salt and transporting winter gear can leave vehicle interiors looking a

Gobs Kayak Seat Adjustment Instructions

Now on tap at - learn how to easily adjust the seat on your new Ocean Kayak sit-on-top.

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Justyn Justyn says:
Does anyone use a outspread back fishing canoe?
I just bought a 16 foot old borough flat back canoe and i have a thirty pound thrust electric trolling motor for it. I was wondering what they are like if i can stand up and fish hard-boiled on it. And also can i trick it out. thank!!!
Swamp Zombie says:
Those Old Burgh Discovery Series flat-back canoes are great fishing boats! Congrats on your purchase. The key to catching fish in a canoe/kayak is booming where trailered boats...

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Lots Kayak Trident 11 - Any Good?
there are some vast aftermarket seats available and OK uses the standard placement of seat hardware so one could throw in a nice comfy seat if they chose to. That said, permissible kayak seats are not cheap and that cost (If you aren't happy with the one in the ...
Kayak fishing gaining regard
You sit in your domicile and use your feet to pedal the kayak forward. A hand-controlled tiller provides steering. The Outback and Revolution were Hobie's two main fishing kayaks. Then the business came out with the Pro Angler, which this year surpassed the ...


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