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Stohlquist Women's Flo Entity Jacket/Personal Floatation Device (Purple/Gray, Plus)

by Stohlquist WaterWare
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  • Lightweight PE Foam with inner mesh lining for coolness and wearability.
  • Hand Wash Soap and Water
  • China

Product description

High performance economical equivalents of Stohlquist's Cruiser vest featuring 400x200 denier ripstop outer shell and soft 210 denier inner liner. High back flotation fits comfortably above the seat backs found in today’s sit-on-top kayaks. Ultralight and ultra cool with open sides and mesh shoulders and back for ventilation. Cross-chest cinch harness for zero ride-up and built-in supportive inner cups. Large bellow pockets with drainage.

Product description

The rivers of Maryland and Washington, D.C. hold a wealth of splendor from Annapolis to Worcester County. Paddling Maryland and Washington, D.C. features fifty river trips for avid paddlers, floaters, and anglers searching for the perfect paddle, whether it is a half-day or a full-day trip. History buffs will appreciate the sidebars detailing local information.

Look inside to find:

  • Full-color photos
  • GPS coordinates
  • Detailed river descriptions
  • Maps showing access points and river miles
  • Level of difficulty, optimal flows, rapids, and other hazards
  • Historical information

For more than twenty-five years, FalconGuides® have set the standard for
outdoor guidebooks. Written by top experts, each guide invites you to experience the adventure and beauty of the outdoors.

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  • The Courier-Journal

    Day-school teaches kayakers to build their own boats

    At win initially, it was primarily other paddlers who came to the shop to build a wooden version of their fiberglass or plastic kayaks. But as the lionization of the sport has grown, the word of Skipping Fish Boat School has spread. People ages 12 to 85 have

  • Outdoors: Dec. 25-31

    Oak Haven River Pulling offers guided sunrise canoe/kayak tours 7:30-9:30 a.m. Saturdays. Experience the excitement of an original-morning paddle along the river, surrounded by majestic cypress trees and shaded oak hammocks as you submit engage into 16,000 

Dragon Boat Paddling Dexterousness

In this video, our Cigna dragon boat duo captain Benjamin will show us the paddling technique, stroke technique and sitting position that give you a basic i...


Paddles Up!
Paddles Up!
Published by Dundurn 2009
ISBN 9781554883950,1554883954
294 pages
Paddles Up! provides an in-extensively look at dragon boating from its beginnings in ancient China to the modern-day prominence of Canadian teams on the international scene, as told in the words of top coaches of men's and women's teams, experts and enthusiasts, and sports salubriousness professionals across Canada. Contributing writers include Mike Haslam, executive president International Dragon Boat Federation; Matthew Smith, president Dragon Boat Canada; Kamini Jain, Vancouver; Albert MacDonald, Halifax; Jamie Hollins, Pickering; Matt Robert, Montreal; and Jim Farintosh, Toronto. By virtue of legends, history, and traditions, to paddling tips and mental readiness, and from choosing gear to exceptional achievements, a battery of Canadian dragon-boat notables cut their considerable knowledge in one authoritative volume.


round_sticker - zazzle_sticker Canoe Paragon Round Sticker
zazzle_sticker by artfolio

Paddling a canoe down river. Canoeing art by REIFSNYDER

heart_sticker - zazzle_sticker Canoe Brotherly love Sticker
zazzle_sticker by artfolio

Canoeing down a river. Indecent, green and yellow canoe art by REIFSNYDER


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Boat faux pas up Canoe Creek reveals current, future blockages
HENDERSON, Ky. - Divers Hendersonians see Canoe Creek only from a few bridges — such as on Outer Clay, Washington, Second and Fifth streets — and likely think of it as a tamed, mostly plain and largely man-made channel.
Grammar teaches kayakers to build their own boats
People ages 12 to 85 have built boats here. In the summers, teenagers construct boats and learn paddling skills as part of a summer camp. Year round, adults sign up for boat-building sessions. A conventional build takes 60 to 80 hours. The school is open both days ...
1 Missing After Canoe Capsizes Sunday at Lake Manawa Land Park
O'Brien said the waves were so impressed, the boat almost capsized. He said it took only minutes for the severe weather to hit. A young man is still missing after riding a canoe to a nearby isle on the Susquehanna River, possibly to hunt, on Monday.
Dragon boat day a ascendancy
Up leading were 20 keen locals and under the watchful eye of John Holland, president of Dragon Boat SA, they learntthe all-important skill of paddling in time. They then ventured out as a help to Pelican Lagoon. After a well-earned sausage and salad the next ...
Ten boats on Susquehanna River searching for missing teen; some expected to start Saturday
the 17-year-old from New Cumberland who was definitive seen in a canoe headed to Hoak Island. During the morning of the 20th day of the search, about 10 personally owned boats and a river rescue boat were seen exploring the neighbourhood narrowed by the cadaver dogs ...


paddling a boat
paddling a boat