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  • New Smyrna Run aground Florida travel highlights include beaches, art, antiques

    Lining the cramped confines of Nichols Surf Shop, a beachside fixture since 1969, the rows of fiberglass boards meld with the character of suntan lotion and surf wax to make the hidden surfer's soul emerge from even the most imprudent landlubber. How else

  • Frogging in a bay runabout with the Apex Predator

    Of run, having any type of shallow-drafting boat with an air-cooled engine is optimal for catching frogs, but sundry people only have a normal water-cooled engine setup. These boats can frog, too and Another benefit of using a fiberglass boat like

Fiberglass Sailboat Revamp - fixing a big hole on a small sailboat

Repairing crash damage on a Laser sailboat. The Laser is a lightweight boat that's decked over, so most repairs have to be made from the outside. I used ...

New Smyrna Coast Florida travel highlights include beaches, art, antiques - Orlando Sentinel

Although the signature gravitation is 13 miles of white-sand beaches, a visitor can be captivated in New Smyrna Beach without putting toes in the douse. Compared with the more publicized spring-break magnets of Daytona Beach to the north and Cocoa Beach to.

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Jim M Jim M says:
how do i fix a sailboat's cracked pontunes?
it's a catrak sailboat. it has 2 pontunes that are cracked. i don't certain what to use to seal the cracks up!
Capt. John says:
I am not informed of with the particular sailboat... however you should be able to fix it with fiberglass... If you have never done this before, don't let it scare you as it is easy...

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Mmegi Online :: Exporting boats from the restive of the Kalahari Desert
Ill-matched with aluminum, fiberglass is difficult to repair in the field when the ... Chinese producers are able to mass produce aluminum boats becoming seven boat kits in a container, which are then assembled in Namibia. The distributor is able to pay SACU import ...
1990 Homemade, skiff, fiberglass Boats Skiffs in New Orleans
It is stuffed with R-13 fiberglass insulation, 1/2' OSB interior walls and ceilings,... Great boat! Great for shrimping ... new tires, new LED window-pane kit, spare tire, great condition. $3200 OBO. Loacated in Hammond/Ponchatoula area. Call or text Derek ...


Luger Fiberglass Sailboat Yacht Kits 1970 print Ad
Luger Fiberglass Sailboat Yacht Kits 1970 print Ad