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    Carnival's Wonderful Bowl Commercial: Is JFK Turning Over in his Grave?

    Rearmost night Carnival aired its new Super Bowl commercial with images of the sea and a voice-over by John F. Kennedy from a address he gave at a dinner for the America's Cup crew in 1962: “I really don't know why it is that all of us are so committed to

  • The Providence Journal

    Up From the Ashes Regatta called off because of assertive winds / Gallery + video

    The small fast turned west and headed toward the safety of the yacht club docks. “Luckily, we got enough That early-morning feeling, which destroyed masts, sails and other parts of the rigging for the boats, failed to halt to that year's Frostbite

Sailboat Rigging Tutorial


Rigging Small Sailboats
Published by Glen-L Marine Designs 1973
ISBN 0939070049,9780939070046
96 pages

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Spotted: A car that runs on a small sailboat appliance
Nokian’s engineers dreamed up the fifth-place test rig and built it themselves ... is powered by a tiny diesel engine that’s normally used for backup power on small sailboats – it has five horsepower. Because it will only go about 50 km/h, and ...
Yacht refit 2: how a three-month refit of Spice was worth all the effort and expense
The craft had already had a considerable amount of work done in her previous ownership, including a replacement teak deck and new mast, bourgeoning and standing rigging. Much of the ... aspect of the project was with a small number of suppliers that were not ...
At issue On First Rod And Reel
Worst example ? a muskie / pike grabs a small fish & you have a hell of a battle for a change. Now we are fishing 30" to 48" fish on 4 # proof ?? WAAAHOO. I now use the 4# test ultra lights for ANYTHING. Usually land them from a boat. Shore casting is a Duplicated ...
Whatever Floats Your Motor boat
In choppy waters, with winds cat-o'-nine-tails-sawing our sail, we capsized a mile offshore. We weren’t alone. Others in the small-boat regatta were also flung into the drink. Glenn was unflappable and treated me to a reproof in righting a sailboat while bobbing in ...
San Antonio Speedboat and Travel Trailer Show 2015
The San Antonio Motor boat and Travel Trailer Show is a one of a kind outdoor ... There will also be seminars on Friday, Saturday and Sunday that include “How to Rig a Kayak,” “How to Knock down a Cast Net” and “Fly-Fishing the Lower Laguna Madre.”


FIG. 6-2 - This monochrome shows hardware items and howthey function on ...
FIG. 6-2 - This monochrome shows hardware items and howthey function on ...