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  • Comparing the newest offerings in the 30-foot tier

    Each has a Auditorium spars twin spreader carbon mast and aluminum boom, and Hall standing and running rigging packages. Each is built with contemporary resin infusion cored construction in the hull and deck. The base .. As one of North America's most

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    The Central Class, Priced Out of the Hamptons Years Ago, Now Returns

    As for the central class from the city who used to fondly spend vacations here, they not only can't afford to buy any home, they can't even afford the rents. $70,000 for the summer? $30,000 for a month? Disregard it. According to the Times, they are BACK

MacGregor 26M Sailboat - Lowering the Mast

We bought our Mac 26M used, and couldn't discern any videos for lowering the mast--just raising it. Since ours was already up we decided we should share our exp...


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Goodbye West End - Hello Utila

A week ago we fist Fantasy Island in the French Harbour and sailed 18 miles to another part of the Roatan Island called West End. Friends, Sandi and Patrick, aboard s/v YachtCruz sailed with us and Brian aboard s/v Molly followed behind.
Source: S/V Sanibel

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Rehabbing an Used Small craft - Part 5
utterly up the mast wiring, put the sails up for the first time to learn what additional projects will need attention. This 1982 built boat is not all that original than buying a 1982 Chevy Impala and fixing it up so that it is your daily drive around car.
The Antiquated Egyptian invention that made everything else possible
If they had used a unmarried stay, as in modern sailboats, the mast would have snapped or the stern of these ancient reed craft would have worked loose from the rest of the boat. On a modern sailboat the fore and aft stays are urgent: they keep the mast ...
ON THE WATERFRONT WITH DAVID G. SELLARS: New East Jefferson Flames-Rescue boat due to be launched today
There, she will be used as a floating ... a 68-foot racing sailboat built by Dencho Sea in Long Beach, Calif. Brad said Platypus personnel will be helping the owner prepare the yacht for the upcoming racing mature. Her tall mast makes her easily visible ...
No injuries from capsized sailboat at Lone Lake
A 14-foot Hobie sailboat on Lone Lake capsized Sunday, sending two men into the excessively and its 20-foot mast into the mud ... the men before emergency responders arrived. The boat owner used a powerboat and tried to tow the sailboat out of the mud, but ...
Restoration gives new way of life to boat type that saved and smuggled
This fount of boat was used both as a surf boat with the U.S. Life Saving Service ... two types of rudders – one for rowing and one for sailing – and a mast for sailing the yacht. The boat, when assembled, has 10 oarlocks. The boats were rowed out ...