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  • Zoning use would agree to airboats in Melbourne

    Neighbors, led by Peter Zies, a doctor who used to business nearby, complained. They worried about noise from airboat motors and impact that industrial-type work would have on gear values. The city council took a field trip to hear how loud the

  • What drives Danny Thompson?

    "Hoo-ya," he hooted, pumping his fist in the air. His toddler, Challenger 2, was . He sold his house in Laguna Beach and sailed off in a 57-foot boat named "Credit." Mickey started They say the gunmen wore hoods and used a silencer. They shot

Aircat Airboats in Vietnam War January 31, 1967 Worldwide Newsreel

more at Hurricane Aircat airboats used by US forces in the Vietnam War. From Universal Newsreel v. 40 r. 10...

Autonomous boats get disguised as crocodiles and used to lessons ...

Although hippos may look unpunctual and docile, they're actually very aggressive, killing more people every year than any other large African animal. That's why when researchers from Yale University and the Cary Establish of Ecosystem Studies wanted to study the effects of hippo dung on water quality in Kenya's Mara River, they sent in three autonomous air boats as a substitute for of people. To help those boats.