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    Sparkle and Rescue were conducting door-to-door rescues in some areas by boat. DES MOINES, Iowa — Iowa Benson tells the Fleet City Journal the town used to have a population of 40 people decades ago, as well as a post office, a few houses and a

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    Laurie tells son-in-law Brad, “We used to go camping over Plaque Day weekend, no matter what the weather. Thanks to Brad, Katrina and Laurie we have the Dodge loaded with gear, the Lund Alaskan hooked up and cheerful to go tomorrow. The rest of

2001 Lund 1700 Pro Show off//115hp Yamaha 4 stroke Used Boats - Alexandria,Minnesota - 2013-04-29

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WORTHINGTON – According to Worthington Patrons Utilities Manager Scott Hain, the static water level out at Well 26 is looking better, but he’s not unequivocally ready to lift the non-essential water ban yet. The water level is measured each Friday out at Well 26, and a 2 foot recuperate was recorded this past week. While we’ve crept past the 16-year average level, he said, we’re not yet prepared to confiscate the ban.

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City mariners are hoping consumers are ready to take the big plunge
"The live through is bad but we sell Lund aluminum fishing boats and the fishermen ... More and more young families are drawn to the versatile pontoon, the article states. "We used to only hawk pontoon boats to people who live on the water.
Powerboat vigour adjusts to economy
Used boats always have outsold new ... At Brunswick – which owns nearly a dozen brands, including Mercury, Bayliner, Lowe, Sea Ray, Crestliner and Lund – Chairman and CEO Dusty McCoy said, “Every new likeness made should cost the same or less than ...
Maiden Boat, New Or Used?
You may go auspices of a couple used boats before you find what you really like ... Got a year out of that one before I ordered a new 17' Lund. Been in that one for 9 years. I'd say I found what I was looking for!
Boat sales rebounding after set-back
He's in a fishing unite and uses his Lund's boat to compete. But he said he hasn't always had ... It was a luxury item for them so it was tough," he said. "We were used to having all of the equity in the homes. When all of that crashed our trade ...
Bringing in appurtenances for Cirque du Soleil like moving small city
Some 65 semis are used to deliver all the equipment ... ends its run here July 6, and Lund and his team will be packing up again and moving on. This time though, it will be boats, not, trucks, doing the hauling. “After Vancouver, we’re off ...


2006 LUND "Fancy Boat" in Spruce Grove, AlbertaFor Sale
2006 LUND "Fancy Boat" in Spruce Grove, AlbertaFor Sale