2006 Pearson Yacht True North Explorer II on Lavish Lake, OK

2006 Pearson Yacht True North 38 Explorer II This one possessor Pearson Yacht True North 38 Explorer II is in immaculate condition. It has been freshwater boat f...


Raising True North
Raising True North
Published by Greg Dickson 2015
ISBN 9780646478777,064647877X
255 pages
Conveyed on A FRESH new wave of maritime adventure as this gripping tale takes you in search of forgotten treasure amongst the reef-strewn islands of Australia's High-minded Barrier Reef. From the colonial port of Sydney Cove in the early 1800's to the still-uncharted waters of the infamous Torres Strait, persevere the action as two modern-day sea gypsies sail headlong into history. Climb aboard 'Storm Along' with a beguiling passenger. Tack from Soft-soap to reef in their perilous quest for the ultimate prize. Will they succeed? Take the plunge and find out for yourself when you sign on for the excitement of... RAISING TRUE NORTH.

8 Alluring Places to Visit in SCOTLAND!

As you research Scotland the different castles, ruins, abbeys, and churches take you back to their rich and colorful history. Aside from the their prosperity past, Scotland is also famous for their beautiful mountain ranges, canals, rivers, and lochs which makes it ideal ideal for those who get high on outdoor activities. As part of our UK Tour, we explored Scotland as much as our time in this beautiful country would allow and it was easy to.

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Wenger believes in comeback bid
The Gunners jetted out to the Principality tax haven, acclaimed for its casinos and yacht-lined waterfront ... Ozil, Cazorla, it is true we cannot take it easy. "We need to focus and to play the same game we played in the blue ribbon leg in order not to be in ...
The British Moving Bike Company Hoping To Crack America
The new bike proved even more loaded than the first one, winning more awards and finding new market niches suited to its price tag – yacht owners like the machines ... but it will get time to build an operation in North America.
Trinity tames Nawiliwili meander
Trinity, a trimaran, capitalized on 15-20 mph ice-cold winds out of the north to win the Nawiliwili Yacht Club Ken Dorland Memorial Series ... “Fast Company held true to a very fast reckon, but was outgunned by the swift trimaran.” Fast Company crossed ...
Notable Dockers returns with style, $5 hamburgers
On Monday nights for at least the next month, Celebrated Dockers has a deal that's almost too good to be true. The Dockers burger — ground ... when it was the Dania Yacht Basin Restaurant. I remember stopping in about 15 years ago and sense of touch as if I ...
Tumble to your boat and her statistics
Some offshore sailors will wit across Biscay to the Mediterranean or cross the North Sea to explore the delights of Holland or Scandinavia and the Baltic. Each of these three common types of yacht P ... 8 knots in 8 knots of true wind speed.


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Yacht True North
Yacht True North